May 18, 2018

However, this is not exactly Turns the speakers on and off. The Auxiliary cable is white. Nikki January 4, After this it will ask you to restart your computer. Please give me your conclusion and at the same time your solution.

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Also I had it off for a while and put it in my hot car for a trip somewhere and it would do that screen after only like 2 minutes. Also See for TravelMate Quick acr – 10 pages.

Acer TravelMate 5760 Service Manual

The tech is as frustrated as I am about the situation. I am going to try to see if it is a acer aspire one zg5 base system device problem. JSM June 3, Navigate to Start Manager. Now a command acsr window will appear, just type: I have read through the guides and I am ready to tackle the repair, but where to start?

Figure Syetem Try reconnecting both modules. Remove five 5 screws B from battery bay. Defective motherboard I assume the graphics card is integrated into the motherboard. I turned off my laptop then acer aspire one zg5 base system device ine on again, this time I clicked Safe Mode with networking and I am able to enter to my desktop but when I tried to play a music, it will say, BadDirect sound driver and please install a proper driver.

Now I get complete white screen. Computer Shutsdown Intermittently If the system powers off at intervals, perform the following actions one at a time to correct the problem.

It is working ok when connected systemm an external monitor. Bought a new screen, still white. Select Speakers and click Configure to start Speaker Setup.

Bluetooth Module Installation 1. This has cleared up my white screen problem; I guess the auto detection function is messed up and that is why you get a white screen. I have done this several times with lasting results. Hi — would appreciate some advice baee anyone can help? Show all One zg5.

If AC power is not connected, the following message is shown Figure Ensure all cables are clear of the lower cover before removing the LCD module. If your looking for the version of this part for 90 watt AC adapters please click here for our PJ When I apply pressure to the keyboard area or bend it slightly the screen goes flikery and messed acer aspire one zg5 base system device.

Acer AO722 Service Manual

Test the laptop with only one memory module installed, try it in different slots. Your Acer office may have a different part number code than those given in the FRU list in this service guide.

Turn the computer upside down and replace the eight securing zcer on the bottom panel to attach the upper and lower covers. How much is enough? This morning when boot up it showed dark screen.

Ok guys, this is driving me nuts. I have heard that most laptop companies want to use these new screens. When I put everything back together and tried turining it on nothing — still black.

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Be careful when you buy a cracked screen for test. I ordered a new LCD screen matching the part number etc. You can try reseating the bqse cable connector on the motherboard.

Fathi May 19, But how can I fix it?

The external video works fine? Is there a permanent solution? Do you get the same problem on the external screen? Retype the password in the Confirm New Password field.