July 7, 2018

The health checker never probes paths that are in a Disabled or Missing state. If if fails next enabled path is selected. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. A path that is failed due to timeout policy can later be recovered by the AIX health check commands. A path should only have this status during boot and so this status should never appear as a result of the lspath command.

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This article does not address the attributes associated with the aix mpio being used to attach to the MPIO devices. Some third-party ODMs use a different default value. Anonymous October 30, at 1: This gives an indication if the errors are still occurring or if aix mpio there was a temporary issue that has not happened recently. mppio

AIX MPIO stops using any disabled or Defined paths, and therefore, no error detection or recovery will be done as a result of the aix mpio maintenance. It will not be considered when paths are selected for IO. The new AIX technology levels added the -e flag for errors to the lsmpio command, aix mpio be aux with the -a and -r flags. Businesses that need to configure more than eight paths per LUN need aix mpio carefully consider the following ais. Disk Flash Servers Software Tape. Was this content helpful?

Each storage device requires a PCM. Another feature of the recent improvements to the AIX MPIO software is the expansion of the output of the lsmpio command to include error counts per adapter and per remote port, allowing the SAN administrator to better aix mpio the source of intermittent, recurring errors.

The default output provides a very similar view of your MPIO configuration to that produced by the existing lspath command. If no disk that is accessed through that port is open, then the count stays at zero.

The FC jammer was aix mpio to the fiber from the storage device port to the FC switch.

If the port is on the non-preferred controller for all open disks, the port may only be used rarely. Both fscsi0 and fscsi1 are able to use some remote ports without errors or with very few aix mpio while attempts to access one particular storage device port result aix mpio many errors.

IBM AIX multipath I/O (MPIO) resiliency and problem determination

Likewise, using multiple FC ports on the storage device protects against aix mpio failure of a single port.

Aix mpio SAN administrator could make a hardware change, run lsmpio -az to zero out the error counters, then wait a few minutes aic running lsmpio -are again. Newer Post Older Post Home. This can lead to much quicker recovery from a command time out and also much quicker detection of situations where all paths to a device have failed.

Immediately I saw that lsmpio was providing me with a lot more information aix mpio lspath. Indicates the ID of the path, it is used to uniquely identify a path.

The enhancements in the new TL attempt to aix mpio these induced errors from errors caused by the SAN issue to better identify the good paths and the problematic paths. The disk attributes described in the following sections can be displayed by using aix mpio lsattr command, and can be changed with the chdev command.

Hi, Please explain briefly about Missing, Failed and Defined states in lspath output. By examining these error counts, the SAN administrator can deduce the Aix mpio fabric components that causes intermittent errors.

Multipath drivers for the AIX/PowerVM operating system

With this flag, the attribute value can be changed without closing the disk and the change takes effect immediately. The connection information differentiates the multiple path instances aix mpio share the same logical parent adapter. Note that if the error count for the remote ports is zero or very small, it may indicate that the port is working fine or it may indicate aix mpio the port is not currently being used.

This setting causes the path to be disabled. Please provide additional feedback optional: The lsmpio command implements the -a and -r flags to show the local and remote FC ports used by the disks. AIX, with a base operating system install, is capable to use some third party devices ie. If a component aix mpio in some way degraded but still aix mpio functional, it can result in recurring intermittent failures.