June 6, 2018

MTD operation is based on use of any one of the two pre-set “break-over” forces, applied at one of the six fixed distances between the center of the handle finger notch and the hex bit holder axis of rotation. See more details at the bottom of this web page. The TAB Gear roll up pouch is great also. They came to the same conclusions I did. The available settings are ones that are most common for tactical rifle use and they have even included a nice T.

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Compact and light weight less than 6 ouncesrugged, highly consistent and borka tools multi torque torque driver is all metal construction and differs from traditional “slip clutch” and “cam-over” type torque screwdrivers and wrenches by its simple and reliable design.

August 27, at It is far less cumbersome than the Wheeler torque driver. The multk torque setting is then selected by inserting the hex bit holder into one borka tools multi torque the six holes in the driver arm. Bit is made from S2 steel and hardened to HRc But if you have to vary the TQ?

Multi torque drivers and accessories for scope mounting and firearms action screws

The tool is simple, but the quality is good and the tool is sturdy and quite durable. But up until now, I had been one of the many who just scratched it off my tool list.

Below is a short video mulgi the operation I put together. Home Selection of kits for specific rifles Adjustable torque driver kits Precision torque limiter borka tools multi torque Deployment support kits Compact cleaning rods and tool kits Multi torque driver kits support page FAQ, payment terms and warranty User guides and related videos Product reviews and links Authorized dealers list Contact info.

The only possible shortcoming of the Borka is that unlike the Seekonk you can’t back screws out with it, at least according to the warning printed in bold, borka tools multi torque birka stating that the driver is for tightening right-hand fasteners only.

The problem has always been the physical size and weight of a properly calibrated T-Handle torque wrench, especially when more than one might be needed.

Borka Tools Multi Torque Driver Kit

So, at the end of the day, I’ve had several very different designs to choose from, and current multi torque driver design tols to comply with specific objectives. Boris will have to verify.

Write a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A clever solution is presented here by Borka Tools. To use the torque tool you attach your desired head to use for your screw or nut, in my sample borka tools multi torque here, a half inch socket to use for tightening the nuts on a pair of Tactical Rifle Chimera rings.

Standard SBK configuration as shown above. The following are general recommended torque setting for various applications on your rifle.

Borka Tools Multi Torque Driver Kit | The Loadout Room

multo Damn typos…Thanks for the catch and thanks for the fix Matt…. Borka Tools borka tools multi torque long screwdriver bits are made from S2 alloy tool steel and hardened to HRc Kit works for 5. Just as a force is a push or birka pull, a torque can be thought of as a twist. The borka tools multi torque has hex holes cut into it with numbers etched into it. As a result, over-tightening becomes impossible. Boris Teper, Borka Tools Owner A personal note about Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod – as far as I’m concerned, and in addition to what I was told by my customers, who’ve purchased and used this product, this is the probably the best quality modular cleaning rod made in the U.

See FAQ This simply makes it the best value modular cleaning rod, period. I am happy with my purchase. This page was generated in 0. What does it cost? You just have to get close.

The wheeler gets used on stuff I don’t give a damn about. Well thought out, simple, durable, and packable. For a complete list of what is include in each kit, check out this link and scroll down. Like it a lot.

It would be like wearing a baseball cap to the range with an actual baseball team logo.