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With this prints up to a size of DIN A4 21 x 29,7 cm can be realized at good quality. The dust- and scratch correction of the reflecta ProScan provides quite remarkable service and just here and there leaves a very big fuzz untouched respectively generates artifacts at this place. The compact box, in which the Plustek OpticFilm i is delivered in, contains the full accessories one needs to directly get started with the scanning. This guarantees reproduction of the deepest shades inside Kodachromes successfully. Nikon Coolscan 5 ED. A double click on the icon placed on the system-tray opens a dialog window for adjustment of all the parameters needed for the scanning, like say template type postive or negative , resolution and filter. In particular at the first tries with the film holder one should implicitly wear cotton gloves so that one doesn’t damage the film surface by slipping off.

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Initially it shall be remarked that the Plustek OpticFilm i as well as his predecessor is available in opticfilm 7200i variaties: In each case on the opticfilm 7200i side of the four slots a spring exists, which one has to squeeze, to put in a slide and on the right side a mutter exists, so that opticfilm 7200i can reach into the slot with the finger.

Epson Perfection V Pro. Scanning of framed 35mm picture slides with the Opticfilm 7200i i The slide holder of the Plustek OpticFilm i is an old fellow which we know already from the predecessor model: Test results are available below. Because we used a quicker computer for this velocity test having a 64Bit operating system it can be guessed, that opticfilm 7200i shorter scanning times at dpi foremost are reasoned in the quicker data processing of the software.

Despite of this dpi is an acceptable oppticfilm This is already known from many predecessor models. Such a scan at 48 bit color 720i generates a picture file of about M Byte.

opticfilm 7200i For example, installation and stability problems may occur. Highlights Thanks to its unique features and highlights SilverFast has become world standard for scanner software. According to information from Plustek the new Opticfilm 7200i i differs from his predecessor OpticFilm i only in the software, so the hardware is identical.

Download demos and updates, check compatibility and prices. The following table lists our measurement results: The inserting opticfilm 7200i plastic frames proves to be without any problems. Just this shall be said: Opticfilm 7200i Reflecta ProScan takes for a scan at the maximum resolution implicitly less time with only about 2 minutes. poticfilm

Optimum scan results for brilliant images

The slides aren’t being inserted directly into the device but one initially loads the holder with them. At inserting one opyicfilm to take care of the jetties of the opticfilm 7200i being exactly equal on the picture jetties between each opticfilm 7200i of the film strip. Scanner Selection Select your Plustek model to obtain scanner-specific information. Scanning Kodachromes with attention to recording the complete dynamic range is a considerable challenge. It is acceptable but still opticfilm 7200i something to be desired.

This 7200ii to an uncompressed file of about M Byte in size at a color depth of 24 Opticfilm 7200i. Braun Multimag SlideScan You find further information about SilverFast and the different versions at our opticfilk site about SilverFast.

Both devices are of the same production and are therefore functionally identical but only have a different label. Nikon Super Coolscan ED. A double click on the icon placed on the system-tray opens a dialog window optucfilm adjustment of all the opticflim needed for the scanning, like say template type postive or negativeresolution and opticfilm 7200i.

Scanners with this symbol are supported by SilverFast 6. A press on the IntelliScan-key starts the SilverFast-software, while with the QuickScan-key one starts the like Plustek-Software, which puts itself after the installation as little tool in the system-tray of 720i taskbar. In our film scanner-shop the Plustek OpticFilm i as well as suitable accessories are available. Nikon Super Coolscan ED. Back to the film scanner tests index.

It still is at about dpi. Plustek OpticFilm SilverFast 6. This increase shows that opticfilm 7200i scanner can see more levels of gray, an increase opticfilm 7200i 2. The blue cast is removed from the image! Equipment, accessories and performance data of the film scanner Initially it shall be remarked that the Plustek OpticFilm i as well as his predecessor is available in two variaties: With Nikon, also the last big opticfilm 7200i producer has stopped its opticfilm 7200i scanner business in the year Mark has used SilverFast with all three scanners to opticfilm 7200i 35mm optticfilm positives and negatives.

This in turn then is inserted sideways into the device.

Finally the changes of the SilverFast-software mainly affect the control of it, but not the picture processing algorithms deep in the inner parts of the software. Regarding the characteristics that are relevant for the scanning process like detail rendition, color consistency, dynamic range, speed and efficiency of dust and scratch removal the i is hardly inferior to its competitors or performs even better.

So besides the scanner by itself one each time finds a film holder for film strips with up to six pictures length opticfilm 7200i for up to four opticfilm 7200i slides. With the opticfilm 7200i scan times and the manual operation without automatically film strip indent the OpticFilm i is no scanner, with whom one can digitize quickly and conveniently a big slide- or negative collection.

This naturally would be a real innovation, so also with the new OpticFilm i busy hand craft is happening. The scanner is now delivered with SilverFast 8. opticfilm 7200i

Compatibilità Sistemi Operativi | Compatibilità Sistemi Operativi | Plustek

This site has been translated from German into English and serves for a better understanding for 7200o English speaking visitors of our website. But when opticfilm 7200i opens it, the happiness quickly dissolves opticfilm 7200i because it is just a matter of a short installation guide which is although available in 13 languages.

If one slips off, opticfilm 7200i easily hits the bull seye, that means to hit the film and even takes the risk of pressing the film out of the frame.

For many opticfilm 7200i, SilverFast is already included in delivery. To be able to evaluate the effects of a new scan-software, in our review we again and again do direct comparisons with the predecessor model Plustek OpticFilm i.

One has to scan with 7200u, to get the effective dpi. Correspondingly in the matter of picture quality nothing has changed: