June 15, 2018

Listed below are some examples of these properties. News Newsroom Magazines Acquisitions Blogs. After the JDBC Thin driver establishes the database connection, the communication between the browser and the database is stateful and in a two-tier configuration. Oracle Technology Network Topics. In general, the purpose of a firewall is to prevent unauthorized clients from reaching the server. Contact Us US Sales: To connect through a firewall, you cannot specify the URL in host:

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As with connecting from an application, there are two ways in which you can specify the oracle thin client information to the driver. The HTTP protocol, which is usually used for communication over a network, is stateless.

Your applet can reach its target database even if it oracle thin client has to go through multiple Connection Managers. The firewall cannot be provided with the host name. You seldom find both oracle thin client running on the same computer. Sign in Create an account Help. Figure illustrates the ooracle between the applet, the Oracle Connection Manager, and the database.

Oracle recommends using an archive file, which saves many extra round-trips to the server.

Sun Ray Thin Client Technology

This following topics are covered in this chapter: The Web server on which the Connection Manager is running is on host webHost and is listening on oracle thin client These drivers can be freely downloaded from Oracle’s site free registration is required.

This section describes what you must do to connect an applet to cluent database. Both of these protocols are lightweight implementation versions of their counterparts on the server. You must obtain an object-signing certificate.

Part of the industry’s most complete virtualization portfolio, Oracle thin client Ray clients are never managed individually.

Oracle Project: Sun Ray Thin Client Technology

Oracle Account Manage your account and access personalized content. It also describes how your applet can connect to a database through a firewall. As with connecting from an application, there are oracle thin client ways in which you can specify the connection information to the driver. When using this property, the user and password properties must be included in the properties object.

This driver uses native methods and is platform specific. Any path specified must be relative to the base URL of the applet.

How to Connect to Oracle via JDBC

The archive file will be preloaded. An unsigned applet can access only the same host from which it is downloaded.

Cloud Account Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. In the following example, the oarcle files are stored in the archive file, JdbcApplet. You can solve the firewall issue by using an Oracle Net-compliant firewall and connection oracle thin client that comply with the firewall configuration. In this case, the Oracle thin client Net-compliant firewall must be installed on that host.

Connecting to a Database on a Different Oracle thin client Than the Web Server If you are connecting to a database on a host other than the one on which the Web server is running, then you must overcome applet security restrictions. You can do this in the following ways: Oracle recommends using an archive file, which saves many extra round-trips to the server.

The path cannot be absolute.

Oracle Instant Client – Free tools and libraries for connecting to Oracle Database

To do this, xlient the addresses of the Connection Managers to the address list, in the order that you plan to access them. When your applet uses a URL, such as the preceding one, it will function exactly as if it were connected directly to the database on the host oracle thin client.

The firewall cannot be provided with the hostname.

This time, the firewall extracts the IP address of the client and compares it to the rules. On the client-side, drivers can be used in Java oracle thin client or Java applets that run either on the client or in the middle tier of a three-tier configuration.